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To prepare for your nutrition appointment, please bring the appropriate forms to your initial visit.


Nutrition Consultation: Your current eating pattern will be explored and recommendations made to help you achieve your nutritional goals. Meal planning is discussed and guidance given to help you know exactly what and how much food you should eat. Skills are taught such as accurately estimating portion sizes, journaling, menu planning, and healthy eating out, among many others. A minimum of two one hour appointments scheduled a week apart are required to provide you with an appropriate nutritional plan. Please download and fill out these forms to bring to your first appointment: Patient Data Collection Form , Patient Financial Responsibility Agreement, and the Privacy Consent .

 Metabolism Testing: The first step in any nutrition program is to know how your body uses the foods that you eat for energy. Your resting metabolic rate can be tested using the REEVUE metabolism measuring device. The REEVUE is simple to use and provides on-screen and printed results in just 10 minutes. A metabolism test without a nutrition consultation requires 30 minutes. Metabolism testing can be packaged with a nutrition consultation in a one hour appointment. Please refer to the Guidelines for Metabolism Testing when preparing for your metabolism test.

 Recipe Analysis:  Menus and recipes can be analyzed for nutritional content using Nutribase software. This service can be provided to food manufacturers, restaurants, publications and individuals.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:  Nutrition impacts health in many different ways. Your particular health problems will be addressed, and nutritional recommendations made to best manage your medical condition. Whether you suffer from allergies, heart disease, gastrointestinal maladies, or diabetes, a nutritional solution can be provided.

 Body Composition Analysis:  Success cannot be measured by body weight alone. Body fat can be measured and health risks assessed using skinfold and body circumference measurements. Measurements are taken in a private setting.

Sports Nutrition Consultation: This plan packages nutrition consultation with metabolism testing and body composition analysis. A nutritional plan consistent with your athletic goals will be developed to help you achieve optimal sports performance. Please download and fill out the Sports Nutrition Data Collection Form to bring to your first appointment.

Corporate Services: A variety of nutrition services are offered for corporate organizations and include speaking, writing, and employee wellness programs. Please contact us for further information.